Pregnancy: What cosmetics? Face.

Pregnancy. It doesn't sound scary, even on the contrary, but not when your name is Roxanne.

My obsession with controlling everything, researching food products, cleaners and cosmetics has intensified enormously since I have an increased level of hormones in my body. This, on the one hand, is great, because everything I swallow or my skin swallows should have a checked composition, but on the other it is detrimental to my psyche. Nothing's too okay, so I know I have to stop this obsession with control sometime.

I am not writing this post, however, to talk about my weirdness, but about what I have learned over the past few months and what cosmetics I chose to use while pregnant.

There is as much information on the Internet as we can't swallow all our lives, which often leads to getting the wrong conclusions and getting the wrong diagnoses. I have built a rule that says that every thing I come across must be checked by at least 3 sources (which are not yellow media of course) to make sure it is true. So with cosmetics for pregnant women and what ingredients it is not advisable to use during this so delicate period.

In the article, I have referred to all the sources from which I have drawn the information I share. The products I use meet my own requirements. I am not a specialist and if you are hesitant about using a cosmetic product, consult your attending physician. 

Most ingredients are listed in English because they are easier to look for in this way in the composition of different cosmetic products.

More information about each of them can be found on the Internet. I have used as sources:

The Infarmation blog

The Women's Care website

The Site Pregnancy Birth & Baby

The Website American Pregnancy

Consultation with the doctor who's following me.

What are the cosmetic products for the face that I chose?

White cosmetics

To cleanse face & remove makeup

SEPHORA COLLECTION Gentle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

The products of this collection have the most clean composition and have quite good hits. This make-up man, however, doesn't do very well with waterproof lipstick and lipstick. Usually before it I use a small amount of coconut oil, which I gently rub on the eyelids and lips. It manages to dissolve the makeup and then easily falls with the demagreaser.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser

This is a gentle face wash foam, which also has a clean composition. Cleans well, avoids the eye area. The skin after washing does not remain dry and stretched, but clean and fresh.

Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Toner

A tonic for a face with a noten. Extremely gentle, refreshing and soothing skin. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Hydration and face protection

Hyaluronic fluid Erina

Great, with a great lineup, I use maybe a third pack of it. I apply it to a cleansed and toned face with slight pats.

Mineral sun protection 50SPF

Sometimes I get a little heavy, so I skip face cream and apply it directly after hyaluronic fluid. I'm looking for a lighter one right now, but I haven't liked anyone else at the moment. Before getting pregnant, I used mostly chemical sunscreen, which I was very pleased with. The products I've used could use right now, but I prefer to play it safe and put on sunscreen with mineral filters.

Eye cream rosehip Erina

Again, a much-used product. It's great on my eye contour.

Firming Day Cream – Firm + Illuminate

Cream with a pleasant texture, moisturizing and again with a relatively clean composition. I am pleasantly surprised by most products in the series. I use it at night. As a minus, I determine that there is a fragrance that is not too strong, but it is there.

I also bought a lot of knowledge about the products from the 15 minutes beauty site. Unfortunately, however, not everything that is described there is relevant to the Bulgarian market.

I remain available for questions.

More articles about beauty products can be found in the Shopping Cart section.



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