Ton sur ton: Hot red chilli peppers!

Sometimes I want to jump out of my comfort zone and choose the craziest outfit I could ever wear. Today I decided to try something called Ton Sur ton which means tone overtone or colour over colour. To go even crazier I’ve decided to wear an all-red outfit. Check out my outfit post here.

The puffer jacket, the dress, even the tights! The boots and the bag are black, but this is because I didn’t have red. Most of the people on the streets wore dark-toned clothes – black or brown, so I felt like a bright red spot around them.

All eyes on me, baby!

Now about the outfit: The puffer jacket is a must-have because it’s warm, cosy, and kinda “street style” type. As you can see, I can wear it even with a dress. Talking about the dress: the dress is one of my favourites! I bought it from an HM sale before our Italy trip (Before Corona). It hasn’t changed its colour and looks great. I can wear them with sneakers, with flats or boots, and even with high heels.

The boots are something I wanted to by for so long. Finally, I have them, and I’m wearing them most of the time. Actually, I have to pairs: black and brown (but I definetely prefer the black one).

The bag is older than me (just kidding). It’s not, but I have it for four or five years already. It was a sustainable choice, because it looks perfect even today. It’s a Fossil black leather cross body bag.

Maybe that was the last time I’m trying to wear something that crazy and colorful. The next time I’ll try something with natural, earthy tones.

Boots: Dr Martens 1460 Pascal 

Bag: Fossil

Puffer jacket: Levi’s

Dress: HM

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